Northern Ag Suppliers, Inc



Building relationships through trust and integrity


Northern Ag Suppliers' goal is to be a responsible and profitable supply chain partner with our customers and suppliers in providing assistance in sourcing and distribution of crop nutrients and other bulk commodities in an efficient manner bringing value to their bottom lines.

Northern Ag Suppliers

Northern Ag Suppliers was founded in 1995 and since has been providing wholesale fertilizer and freight brokerage services to local cooperatives and independently owned retail agronomy companies. Northern Ag Suppliers covers much of the Midwestern Region in the United States and parts of Canada.

Northern Ag Suppliers Values

• Conduct business with honesty and integrity.

• The strengths lie in its people - Highly skilled and experienced in crop nutrients wholesale and transportation market environments.

• Northern Ag Suppliers is a cost effective conduit and market channel for customers and the major manufactures and importers of crop nutrients materials.

• Northern Ag Suppliers offers a consistent, reliable and competitive supply of crop nutrients.

• Maintain confidentiality and build trust with all accounts.

• Non Bias Market Information.

• Share procurement opportunities with accounts to help guide them to make the right choices.

• Understand dealer’s needs and forecast demands.

• Provide proven experience and commitment to service.



• Understanding the importance of timely delivery of quality products.

• Continually seek new supply sources and logistical opportunities.

• Evaluate and utilize all distribution methods and terminals.

• Northern Ag Suppliers offers products Fob warehouse, tank, pipeline or can be delivered via truck, rail car, or barge.

• Northern Ag Transportation is a licensed freight brokerage entity that assists its customers and Northern Ag Suppliers staff in arranging trucking freight on outbound and inbound bulk commodity shipments.

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